NS Hispeed Meeting room

Doing business at the station

  • Meet at a central point, easily accessible
  • Just € 12.50 p.p. for 2 hours, including drinks
  • Every next hour just € 7.50 per hour
  • Open all week

NS Hispeed Meeting room hire

Vergaderzaal Rottterdam Centraal

Want to organise a corperate meeting just before departure? That is easily arranged in one of our NS Hispeed meeting rooms - and for just € 12.50 per attendee for 2 hours!* You pay € 7.50 for every following hour per attendee. The meeting rooms are accessible without having to enter our lounge.
In total we have five meeting rooms for 4 to 5 persons and two larger meeting rooms for a maximum of 10 persons at Amsterdam Central and Schiphol.

* Hiring the meeting room is free of charge for passengers with a NS Business Card and a first class international train ticket or booking (up to 4 people, for a maximum of 2 hours).

Reserve the meeting room

The meeting rooms can be reserved with the hosts of the NS Hispeed Lounge:

Payments for reservations can only be made by using PIN (debet card).

Locations and opening hours

The meeting rooms are in the NS Hispeed Lounges found at the following locations:

Station Where Opening hours
Amsterdam Central Platform 2a, next to the restaurant Mon - Fri 08h00-20h00, Sat&Sun 10h00-18h00
Schiphol In the Tickets & Service office, Arrival Hall 4, Schiphol airport Mon - Fri 08h00-20h00, Sat&Sun 10h00-18h00

Business lounges all over Europa

Through out Railteam partners, we can offer you access to 40 lounges across Europe. Our first class passengers and members of one of our loyalty programmes get access to the lounges at almost every large European station.

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