Lost and found

Helping to find lost items

It's an unpleasant experience to forget or even lose something at a station or on a train. NS Hispeed has some advice and tips that may help you to find whatever it is that you have lost.

Enquire at the station

Have you lost something? Then please report this at the NS Tickets & Service office at the station. Found objects are kept here for five days - free of charge. Our employees will return it to you if you are able to provide an exact description of the object. Please note that the opening hours of the offices vary per station.

Central Lost and Found office

After five days, found objects are brought to the Central Lost and Found office in Utrecht, where they are kept for a maximum of 3 months. Did you lose something more than five days ago? Then please complete the "tracing" form which will enable us to investigate whether your belongings have been found. The form (in Dutch) will ask you 1. the date and location you lost the item, 2. to describe the missing item and 3. your personal contact details. You will receive a response within 3 weeks.
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Placing a request for tracing your lost items

If your property cannot be found at the station where you have lost it, you may also place a request for tracing it by calling the following number: 0900-321 21 00 (€ 0.80 per minute, Monday to Friday from 08.00-20.00 hrs.)

Home delivery of found objects

Found objects of which the owner is (or has become) known will be delivered to the owner's home. This will cost at least € 15. When we have to send an object that is larger than 1 metre and/or heavier than 10 kilograms, there will be an additional charge. In the case of deliveries abroad, the actual cost will be invoiced.


Did you leave something behind on the Eurostar train or at the Eurostar terminal? Please contact Eurostar immediately. Objects will be kept for 28 days at the Lost and Found office. Please keep in mind that the office may charge postage costs plus costs for picking up your belongings and/or storing it.

Contact details:
Lost and Found at Waterloo/Ashford
tel.: +44 8701 600 052
email: lost.property@eurostar.co.uk

Lost and Found at Brussels South
tel.: +32 22 248 862


In the event of an object being lost or left on board a Thalys trains, you are invited to contact the lost property department at your destination.

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