Works of construction HSL-Zuid

  • 125 km route
  • 170 "works of art"
  • 300 km/h
  • More facts and figure

125 km route

HSL stands for hoge snelheidslijn (high-speed line). The HSL-Zuid is a new railway line, 125 kilometres long, and high-speed trains can travel at their top-speed of 300 kilometres per hour for about 85 kilometres of that route.

170 "works of art"

The HSL-Zuid route contains 170 constructions (fly-overs, dive-unders, tunnels, bridges and an aquaduct) which are also considered "works of art".
The most striking constructions are:

  • The Bridge over Hollandsch Diep
    With a length of 1.2 kilometres (excluding its ramps) the bridge over Hollansch Diep is the longest bridge to cover water on the HSL route from Amsterdam to Paris. With ramps the bridge is even 2 kilometres long.
  • Tunnel Groene Hart
    With a diametre of almost 15 metres, Boortunnel Groene Hart is the largest trilled tunnel (in diametre) in the world. 7,160 metres (excluding its ramps) were drilled to construct this tunnel.
  • Railway Fly-over Bleiswijk
    With a length of 6 kilometres, this is the longest fly-over in Europe.
  • Ringvaart Aquaduct
    Only one water way passes over the HSL-Zuid track via an aquaduct which is 12 kilometres long (including its ramps). The bottom of the tunnel's linning lies approximately 12 metres below the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum.

300 kilometres an hour

Between Amsterdam and Paris, Thalys can travel with a maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour. However, between Amsterdam and Rotterdam the maximum speed of Thalys is 160 kilometres per hour.

More facts and figures

  • The crossings on the HSL-Zuid route are never at the same level.
  • Almost the entire HSL-Zuid route is contructed with the use of slab tracks; the rails and sleepers are anchored in concrete slabs.
  • There are 5 connections on the current route: Hoofddorp, Rotterdam West, Rotterdam Lombardijen, Zevenbergschen Hoek and Breda.
  • The power supply is 25.000 Volt.
  • The route is equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS), a modern and EU regulated signalling, control and train protection system.
  • The route travels along side the A4 highway (between Leiden and Hoogmade) for 8 km and the A16 highway (between Hollandsch Diep and the Belgian border) for 25 km.
  • Construction costs amount to € 7.195 million.


Foto's: Rijkswaterstaat HSL-Zuid / Ton Poortvliet


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