Amsterdam Airport City Centre with Fyra

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam City Centre

€ 3,90

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Rotterdam City Centre

€ 13,50

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Breda City Centre

€ 20,00

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Schiphol, your high-speed train hub

NS Hispeed Fyra is the service behind the high-speed train in the Netherlands and takes you straight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the city centre of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda. Fyra travel times:

  • Schiphol-Amsterdam: 13 minutes
  • Schiphol-Rotterdam: 27 minutes
  • Schiphol-Breda: 56 minutes

Easy transfer from flight to train

When you arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the train station is just a few steps away. Once you’ve left the arrival gates, you continue past the shops to Schiphol Plaza, where you can buy your train ticket.

The platforms are located underneath this area; you don’t even need to go outside. And getting your luggage to the platform is easy, thanks to escalators and elevators.

Fyra train tickets

To travel with Fyra you need a train ticket plus a supplement. The route between Amsterdam and Schiphol is supplement free. You can purchase these at the airport at an NS Tickets and Service Office or from the comfort of your own home. Buy your ticket directly online for:

Amsterdam to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam

Amsterdam to Rotterdam
Rotterdam to Amsterdam

Amsterdam to Breda
Breda to Amsterdam

Other combinations of destinations are also possible.

NS Hispeed Lounge

For a pleasant stay at the station, first class travellers can use the NS Hispeed Lounge for free. Here you can relax and enjoy free drinks from the self-service bar. You will find the NS Hispeed Lounges in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam.

The perfect connection to the rest of Europe

From Amsterdam Airport you can reach some of Europe’s biggest cities quickly and comfortably per high-speed train such as:

Departure and arrival times Fyra

Direction Breda - Amsterdam
Breda Central Station Dep. 06:28 06:58
Rotterdam Central Station Arr. 06:53 07:23
Rotterdam Central Station Dep. 06:55 07:25
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Arr. 07:20 07:50
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Dep. 07:21 07:51
Amsterdam Central Station Arr. 07:35 08:05

Fyra runs between Breda and Amsterdam every half hour from 06:28 until 21:28. The next Fyra to Amsterdam, the last one of the day, departs at 22:28. On Sundays this train service starts at 07:28.

Amsterdam – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Rotterdam – Breda
Amsterdam Central Station Dep. 05:55 06:25
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Arr. 06:08 06:38
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Dep. 06:09 06:39
Rotterdam Central Station Arr. 06:36 07:06
Rotterdam Central Station Dep. 06:38 07:08
Breda Central Station Arr. 07:02 07:32

Fyra runs between Amsterdam and Breda every half hour from 05:55. In the evening, Fyra runs once an hour to Breda from 19:55 to 22:55. On Sundays this train service starts at 06:55.


Welkom bij NS Hispeed

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