Travel with Eurostar

Take Eurostar to London

  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • Just 21 minutes to cross the channel
  • Reserved seats with power outlets
  • Ticket from € 59

Fares and discounts

No trip is ever the same. That’s why we have just the right fare for every travel situation. Most fares purchased in the Netherlands include a ticket from any station in the Netherlands to Brussels with InterCity Brussels, this trip can even be taken on the day prior to the departure of your Eurostar connection.

Fare conditions

Super Saver Excursion/Business Semi Flex Standard/ Business
Available in 2nd class ok ok ok
Available in 1st class ok ok ok
Possible to change not ok ok ok
Unlimited change not ok not ok ok
Cancel prior to departure not ok * ok
Cancel after departure not ok not ok ok
Last Minute travel (**) not ok ok ok
Presale period (***) 4 mos 4 mos 4 mos
Purchasable days before departure 0 0 0
Availability Limited Good Plenty
2nd class, one-way, price from: € 59 € 129 € n.v.t.
2nd class, one-way, price from: € 99 € 229 € n.v.t.
1st class, one-way, price from: € 112 € 197 € 323
1st class, return trip, price from: € 199 € 350 € 540

Extra conditions: Night from Saturday to Sunday must be included in stay.

Buying tickets

To provide the best possible service, we make our tickets available in various ways. The easiest and fastest way is to purchase your ticket online. More information

Pre-sale period and seat reservations

Eurostar tickets can be booked as early as four months*** before your departure date. Reservations are required. This way, you can be sure of getting a seat. If you should happen to miss your connection, take your ticket to the service counter to reschedule a seat on the next available Eurostar.

* When changing your ticket, you pay 50% of your original plus the costs of a new tickets
** Possibility to buy your ticket until a few days before departure (Subject to availability)
*** This period can be shortened should there be a change in the timetables

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