To Germany by train

Want to go on vacation to Germany? Have you ever thought about taking the train? NS Hispeed can take you to many destinations in Germany. Travel comfortably and quickly by train to Germany for a city break or longer holiday.
Currently, NS Hispeed offers some 200 destinations in Germany by train online. We would like to bring the most important to your attention. ► Find train tickets

The most important destinations in Germany

To Berlin by train

Travel with the train from Amsterdam to Berlin, one of the trendiest cities in Europe. The metropolis is characterized by an exclusive range of shops, trendy clubs and cultural heritage which exist side by side with hyper-modern architecture.

To Bonn by train

Bonn is the ideal destination for a culinary or cultural city trip. Travel by train in comfort to the former West German capital and take a look at one of the wine bars or visit one of the many museums in Bonn.

To Braunschweig by train

From Amsterdam you will be in this historic city in just 5 hours and 6 minutes with Intercity Berlin. Book a train ticket to Braunschweig from just € 29.

To Bremen by train

The 1200 year old Hanseatic city of Bremen has many faces: history and tradition go hand in hand with innovation, science and space exploration. A walk through the shopping streets and markets, and a quick stop at one of the restaurants completes the experience of this city.

To Cologne by train

Cologne is mostly known for its cathedral, but with 12 medieval churches, a Gothic cathedral, a variety of museums and the Cologne Zoo, Cologne is the ideal destination for a cultural weekend away. Every day there are seven train connections that can take you to Cologne.

To Dortmund by train

Go to Dortmund by train for a weekend of shopping as it is the shopping paradise of Germany. Dortmund has a pedestrianised centre with major department stores and boutiques that welcome you. From just <- [prijs_dortmund] -> you can travel by train to Dortmund.

To Duisburg by train

Travel by train to Duisburg in 2 hours from Amsterdam. The harbour city has much culture, including a few interesting museums. ICE International tickets to Duisburg can be bought from <- [prijs_duisburg] ->.

To Dusseldorf by train

Fashionista? Dusseldorf is Germany’s fashion capital. Here you will find the famous Königsallee or 'Kö', an upscale shopping street full of boutiques. But Düsseldorf offers much more. Such as the medieval Old Town ond the many trendy restaurants and nightclubs.

To Essen by train

Essen is the ideal destination for an art and cultural trip. The entire therer is a wide range of exhibitions, concerts and musicals in Essen. With ICE International it is very easy to reach Essen, you will in the very centre of the city.

To Frankfurt by train

Frankfurt is the financial centre of Europe, but it is not all business in this German city. The beautiful architecture, the events in the Frankfurter Messe, the many shops, bars and restaurants make Frankfurt the ideal place for a city trip.

To Hamburg by train

With more than 2,300 bridges over the many canals in the city, Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined. This second largest city in Germany is also known for its so-called Gothic brick and brick expressionism.

To Hanover by train

Every year, many travellers go to Hannover by train to visit the Hanover Fair. In addition, the city is known for its various sporting events, festivals and museums. You can easily book a train trip to the centre of Hanover.

To Karlsruhe by train

If the sun is shining anywhere in Germany, it has to be shining in Karlsruhe. Nestled between the mountains, this Baden city is known for its pleasant temperatures all year long. You can travel to this Baden metropolis in comfort with the ICE international.

To Koblenz by train

You'll find the old Roman city of Koblenz where the Moezel and the Rhine meet. From € 29 you can reach this charming city in just 3 hours and 42 minutes with ICE International.

To Kufstein by train

Kufstein is a small, fortified town in Tyrol. Kufstein lies at the edge of a nature reserve and is therefore an ideal location for hiking. You can travel with CityNightLine or ICE International.

To Leipzig by train

Leipzig is the largest city in former East Germany after Berlin and is known for the many fairs and cultural activities that take place there. From as low as € 39* InterCity Berlin brings you to Leipzig. You can reach Leipzig in 7 hours and 22 minutes and only have to change trains once.

To Mannheim by train

Mannheim is a haven for artists and art lovers. Classical and modern architecture meet in the beautiful cityscape of Mannheim. You can travel in comfort with ICE International to the centre of Mannheim.

To Munich by train

Whether you love architecture, history, art, culture or outdoor activities: Munich has it all. With its many churches, palaces, museums and the famous Oktoberfest, the city offers entertainment for everyone.

To Münster (Westfalen) by train

Münster is a city with an interesting history but is better known today for being an artistic city. Münster is also a great city for shopping or a night on the town in the city’s vast pedestrian zone.

To Neurenberg by train

A weekend in Neurenberg: stroll through the medieval history of a town encircled by fortresses with 80 towers and then visit the large Germanische National Museum.

To Oberhausen by train

Oberhausen is a city with many faces. Shopaholics make their way to the gigantic CentrO in the heart of the city centre, film fans visit Warner Bros Movie World and nature lovers go to Sea Life.

To Osnabruck by train

Osnabrück is a city with a rich history and is nestled between the Teutoburg Forest, the Wiehen Mountains and the River Hase. Also a wonderful city for visitors who love culture, recreation and sports.

To Sauerland by train

Sauerland is a beautiful area for mountain bikers and hikers. The gentle slopes ensure that a wide range of outdoor activities can be carried out in the area.

To Stuttgart by train

Enjoy, relax and visit a fair. This is what one does in Stuttgart which is surrounded by the mountainous environment and the spectacular Black Forest.

To Winterberg by train

Winterberg is the ideal winter sports location for the novice skiers and still close to home! In Winterberg there is an average of 100 days on which you can ski. For the more advanced skiers there are some red and black slopes. After a day of skiing you can go for a drink in one of the après-ski bars.

To the Black Forest by train

Want to take a trip to the Black Forest? With ICE International you can travel directly to the Black Forest. You will not be bored for a moment during a holiday in the Black Forest. Enjoy the largest wooded area in Germany, where there are beautiful nature reserves and lakes.

To the Eifel by train

Take the train to the German Eifel region for a holiday full of nature and culture. Because of the beautiful cities and forest area, the Eifel region is suitable for both a city trip and outdoor activities in nature. From just € 29 you can travel by train to the Eifel.

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