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To Austria by train

Bustling cities, clear rivers and snow-covered mountains. Austria has a beautiful blend of culture and nature. ICE International and CityNightLine will take you to over 50 destinations in this beautiful country.

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To Belgium by train

Belgium is the ideal place for a brief holiday or city trip. Imagine strolling through the picturesque cities of Ghent or Bruges. Or how about the hospitable Liège? And - not to be forgotten - the diamond city of Antwerp and the internationally oriented Brussels are also well worth a visit!

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To the Czech Republic by train

Want to go on holiday to the Czech Republic? Try taking the train! With CityNightLine you can travel comfortably to your destination in the night. Travelling by train to the Czech Republic is a unique experience!

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To Denmark by train

Want to go on holiday to Denmark? Try taking the train. Visit Legoland, enjoy the Danish art or discover Copenhagen. Take the train to Denmark and be amazed!

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To England by train

Cross the English channel by train and arrive well rested in metropolis London. Ideal for a weekend of shopping, visiting museums and the threatre or having High Tea!

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To France by train

La douce France… by train you'll be there in no time! Enjoy a weekend in the romantic city of Paris. Or have fun with the kids in Disneyland Resort Paris. There is plenty to see and do.

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To Germany by train

Whether you want to go on a brief city trip or a longer holiday, in Germany you will find what you're looking for. The country has so much to offer – from historical cities to modern art and music festivals. There is something for everyone.

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To Italy by train

Are you going on holiday to sunny Italy? Make your journey unforgettable and travel to Italy by train. You will begin your journey with CityNightLine to Munich and from there you can catch a direct connection to Italy. During this trip you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

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To Luxembourg by train

Luxembourg, or Luxemburg, is easily reached from the Netherlands by train. Every hour you can take a trip to Luxemburg and you will only have to change trains once in Brussels. Thalys and InterCity Den Haag HS - Antwerp/Brussels services can be taken to reach Brussels.

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To the Netherlands by train

With over 16 million people the Netherlands is densely populated. This small country boasts a wealth of cultural heritage and is famous for its painters, windmills, clogs and flat lands. A modern European country today, it preserved its international character and is known for its liberal mentality.

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To Poland by train

To Poland by train: CityNightLine will bring you to your destination during the night. During your stay, you can visit the historical Krakow, the infamous Auschwitz or one of the many parks.

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To Switzerland by train

Travel to Basel for in Switzerland you can enjoy the splendors of nature: impressive mountain peaks and sparkling rivers and lakes. The whole family can enjoy what Switzerland has to offer.

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To airports by train

With NS Hispeed you can comfortably travel to the international airport of your choice. Dusseldorf Airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Frankfurt Airport are reachable by train. And of course, so is the Dutch airport Schiphol.

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To theme parks by train and tips

Looking for a theme park or zoo? Would you like to go outlet shopping abroad or simply go looking for the hottest spots of one of our destinations? We'll gladly offer you tips and suggestions.

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