Bike rental and storage areas


The ease of the bicycle

Cycling is the ideal way to reach a station, but also to get to your final destination. Which is why we offer you various bicycle services at each NS Hispeed station.

Storage areas

Each NS Hispeed station has a secured bicycle storage area where you can store your scooter as well as your bike and usually you can also have your bicycle repaired or even buy a new or second-hand bicycle.

Costs secured storage area

Bicycle Scooter
€ 1.20 a day € 4 a day
€ 11 a month € 25 a month
€ 99 a year € 205 a year

Openings hours and locations storage facilities

If you would like to have more information about the opening hours and exact locations of the storage facilities at the various NS Hispeed stations, please select a station.

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The "OV bicycle": renting a bicycle with subscription

Renting an "OV bicycle" is the easiest and quickest to rent a bike at the station and to use in combination with public transport. The "OV bicycle" can be rented at every NS Hispeed station. Within sixty seconds you have the freedom to come and go as you like!

Information about the "OV bicycle"
When? Would you like to rent a bicycle on a regular basis? Then "OV bicycle" is just what you need. Quick, easy and a convenient extension of your train journey.
How? Very simple: when you show your adapted Off-peak Discount Pass, NS/OV Annual Pass or special "OV bicycle" Pass, you may collect one or two OV-bicycles from every rental location.
Price? The rental of an OV-bicycle costs € 2.85 (until 20.00 hrs). The subscription costs € 9.50 per year. For all prices and additional costs, please see the website of OV-bicycle (in Dutch).
Subscribe? You can subscribe to the "OV bicycle" by modifying your Off-peak Discount Pass or NS/OV Annual Pass for the rental of "OV bicycles" on the website of OV-bicycle (in Dutch). Via this site, a special "OV bicycle" Pass can be ordered. You can also request information about the rental locations and opening hours.

For more information about renting locations of OV-bicycles, please select a station.

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Renting a bicycle without subscription

Would you like to rent a bike at the station for one time only? At about a hundred NS stations you can rent various types of bicycles. Make a reservation by phone; your bicycle will then be reserved until 11.00 hrs.

Depending on the type and availability of the bicycle, the rental costs between € 6.50 and € 10 a day (including theft insurance). It is also possible to rent a bicycle for a week (if enough bikes are available). A valid proof of identity is required. Also take into account that you will need to pay a security deposit (which varies between € 50 and € 145).

For more information about the locations where you can rent and make a reservation for a bicycle on the NS Hispeed station, please select a station.

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