Become an affiliate of NS Hispeed

Do you have a website on which you would like to promote NS Hispeed? Become an affiliate of NS Hispeed and we will reward you.

How does it work?

What does an affiliaate do? It's very simple and it works as follows:

  • You place a promotional affiliate programme banner on your website
  • Visitors of your website who click on this banner will be redirected to
  • If one of your visitors purchases a train ticket on within 15 days, you will receive a commission in accordance with the commission structure described below

Want to become an affiliate of NS Hispeed?

NS Hispeed collaborates with the renowned network TradeTracker.

You will receive up to 3.75% commission per booking. You can choose from a diverse selection of banners with dynamic content, text links and bookings module to place on your website.

Commission train tickets per booking

0 to 24 3.00%
25 or more 3.75%

Real-time results

Via TradeTracker's Management Informatie Systeem you can view your results in real-time.

More information and subscribing

Would you like to profit from NS Hispeed's success? You can subscribe to the affiliate programme via TradeTracker.


Welkom bij NS Hispeed

Om u zo goed mogelijk te helpen met de aanschaf van Fyra tickets heeft NS u doorgestuurd naar NS Hispeed.

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