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  • Travel while you sleep
  • No concerns about customs
  • Snacks and drinks available in the lounge carriage
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Sleeping on your way to Munich, Basel or Zurich

Travel while you sleep and wake up in the Alps – this is possible with the CityNightLine. From Amsterdam, you travel at night to Munich, Basel or Zurich and arrive refreshed after a good night’s rest. In addition, there are excellent options available to travel onwards to other destinations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Itinerary CityNightLine

CityNightLine travels from Amsterdam directly to Munich/Innsbruck, Prague, Copenhagen and Zurich/Chur.

Amsterdam - Vienna or Milan

CityNightLine no longer travels directly from Amsterdam to Vienna or Milan. If you would like to travel to Vienna you can either go to Cologne with ICE International or to Muinch with CityNightLine, where you can change trains.

Practical information

Travel classes

On board the CityNightLine, you have a choice from three different types of accommodation. Carriages filled with reclining seats, carriages with couchettes in 4 and 6-person compartments and carriage with sleepers in 1, 2 or 4-person compartments.

Seat reservation

It is necessary to make a reservation for CityNightLine. This way, you are always assured of a place in the type of accommodation you want.


CityNightLine has a lounge carriage where you can enjoy a drink, a snack, a light meal or breakfast. If you made a reservation for a compartment, you may also order room service.


Smoking is not permitted on board CityNightLine (this includes the lounge carriage).

Types of accommodation

Ontspannen treinreis

(Reclining) seats

In some trains, you spend the night in a comfortable, individually adjustable relaxed lounge chair. Each lounge chair has its own reading lamp and blankets are available upon request. Toilets and washrooms are located in the corridors nearby. On some routes there are no adjustable chairs available.

Slapen in de trein, ruimte voor het hele gezin


There are two types of these carriages: one with 4-person compartments and one with 6-person compartments. The 4-person compartment is equipped with seats that can be changed into beds. The 6-person compartments have comfortable couches, which can be changed into sleeping couches with blankets, pillows and sheets. Toilets and washrooms are located in the corridor nearby.

Luxe slaapcompartiment in de trein


The sleeping carriage consists of 1, 2 and 4-person compartments. Each compartment has its own washing accommodation with hot and cold water, a bed and a sitting accommodation. Toilets and bathroom facilities are located in the corridor nearby. The Deluxe Single and Double compartments have their own shower and toilet. Your bed is turned down by the crew, who also welcome you with a complimentary glass of wine and a bottle of mineral water before you go to bed.

Ladies' compartment

For female travellers, a reservation can be made in a special ladies' compartment. Places in one of the ladies' compartment can only be reserved via NS Hispeed Customer Care or at a NS Hispeed service desk in one of the international Tickets & Service offices.

Need a hotel?

A city trip by train has never been so easy! Just choose one of the many hotels in Europe.

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CityNightLine to Munich

The CityNightLine allows you to travel to Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen for as little as € 29 (single journey, 2nd class)! From there, you can change trains to many other destinations in Germany, and to Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

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CityNightLine to Basel and Zurich

For as little as € 29 you can travel by CityNightLine to Basel or Zurich (single fare, second class).

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EuroNight to Copenhagen, Prague, Warsaw and Moscow

EuroNight takes you to Copenhagen, Prague or Warsaw for fares starting from € 29 (single fare, second class).

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