InterCity Berlin

Met de IC naar Berlijn

Travelling with the InterCity Berlin

  • Air-conditioning in both 1st and 2nd class
  • Bistro Cafe for a snack and a drink
  • Special bicycle carriage
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Travel by train directly to the German capital

With InterCity Berlin you can travel from Amsterdam directly to the centre of Berlin. You may also board in Amersfoort, Deventer and Hengelo. Via Hanover, you will arrive in the centre of the beautiful German capital in just over six hours!


Departure stations the Netherlands

  • Amsterdam Central
  • Hilversum
  • Amersfoort
  • Apeldoorn
  • Deventer
  • Almelo
  • Hengelo

Arrival stations Germany

  • Osnabruck Hbf
  • Hanover Hbf
  • Berlin Hbf
  • Berlin Ostbahnhof (3 times a day)

Practical information

Travel classes

The InterCity Berlin offers much comfort and is equipped with air-conditioning in all travel classes. Seats in 1st class are also provided with a reading lamp.


Are you hungry or thirsty? In the Bistro Cafe, you can purchase a snack and a delicious drink, and in a number of InterCity trains catering is also provided at your seat.

Pre-sale period and reservations

In principle, you can make a reservation for InterCity Berlin up till 92 days* before departure. There is no need to make a reservation for a seat in the InterCity Berlin, but we do recommend doing so. You will then receive a voucher of the seat reservation that contains the carriage number and the number of your seat.

* This period may be shortened in the event of a change in the train schedule.

Finding your seat

If you travel by long-distance train, you will find large displays on the platforms on which the positions of the individual carriages are indicated with the sections A to E. The platforms are also subdivided from A to E.

Travel information on board InterCity Berlin

On board a InterCity Berlin train, brochures titled “Ihr Reiseplan” are distributed. These brochures contain information about the stops made by the IC Berlin including the departure and arrival times at every station. The brochure also gives information about connecting trains and the services offered on board. It is also important to pay attention to the announcements. Shortly before arrival at the next stop, an announcement will be made about the connections that can be made at that station.


Berlin is one of the trendiest cities in Europe. Going out is a fantastic experience and cultural heritage exists side by side with hyper-modern architecture. In addition, its international cuisine is an attraction that is irresistible to gastronomes.

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Did you know that children and youths profit from considerable price reductions and thus can travel abroad by train on the basis of favourable fares? We are also happy to offer our regular customers some extra reduction with RailPlus!

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What kind of luggage are you permitted to take on the train? Each train company has its own regulations.

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