Travel ICE International

  • Top speed of 300 km/h
  • Work while you travel
  • Power outlets at every seat

On board of board ICE International


Travelling on an ICE International train means comfortable travel. Every detail has been attended to. In the bar/buffet car, you can order a simple meal, sandwiches, salads, hot snacks and beverages and pay in cash or with a credit card. On some ICE International trains, personnel come around to your seat selling beverages and snacks.

See what the engine driver sees

The new ICE International 3 trains (Cologne-Frankfurt) have "Panorama Lounge" compartments. In these compartments a glass wall gives travellers the same view that the engine driver has!

Finding your carriage

Your carriage number is printed on your ticket. On ICE International trains, the carriage numbers are located next to the exterior doors. When stepping onto the platform you can consult the signs that indicate where the carriages are located.

Travel information

Once on board, you will receive "Ihr Reiseplan", a folder that lists the stops the train will make and gives information about departure and arrival times at each station, information about connecting trains, and the services that are available on board. Please also listen to announcements for extra information.


Travellers with impaired mobility

ICE International provides a number of special facilities that make sure our trains are as accessible as possible for everyone, including the elderly, visually impaired and other passengers with impaired mobility. More information


You are advised to limit your luggage to what you can easily carry. Your luggage can be stored in the spaces reserved for this purpose. More information

Taking your bicycle along

Would you like to take a standard bicycle, mountain bike, tandem, track bike or recumbent bicycle with you on an international train to a European destination? Some trains have a special place to store your bicycle. More information


Taking your pets along

Most trains allow you to take your pet with you. In certain cases, there are conditions that will have to be met. More information


Smoking is not permitted on board.


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