Thalys Corporate Programme: Benefits to Business

Zakelijk reizen met de trein

Benefits of Benefits to Business

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Total flexibility with benefial terms and conditions
  • Optimal availability
  • Free access to lounges

Business travel made easy

Do you and your colleagues regularly travel to Antwerp, Brussels or Paris? Then subscribe to Benefits to Business. In addition to a cheap fare, this formula offers you a lot of flexibility and many other benefits.

A 5% discount on the FLEX fare

Benefits to Business offers additional business benefits. For example, you'll receive a 5% discount on the Hi-FLEX fare when travellin in Comfort 1 class. Travel comfortably and cheaply.

Flexible departure times

Every business traveller has specific needs. Benefits to Business meets these needs. Did your meeting run late? No problem. If you have a Comfort 1 ticket, you merely take another Thalys in the same direction and on the same day as the one for which you made a reservation - and that without the need to reserve a new ticket! If you have a Comfort 2 ticket, you need to make a new reservations in order to take an earlier or later train.

Refund policy

If you have to completely cancel the journey, you'll get a 100% refund if you cancel at the latest one hour after your scheduled departure time and hold a Comfort 1 ticket. If you were going to travel in Comfort 2, you'll get a 50% refund.

Access to lounges

If you are travelling with a Comfort 1 ticket you may enter the NS Hispeed Lounges at one of the stations in the Netherlands. With an NS Business Card you also have access to the Thalys Lounge on Brussels South and the Frequent Traveller Lounge op Paris Gare du Nord.


Does your business spend a minimum of € 15,000 a year on travel expenses with Thalys? Then your company can apply for Benefits for Business. Your company can subscribe as a member by contacting:

NS Hispeed Business-to-Business
Stationsplein 9
1012 AB Amsterdam


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